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The G Spa Santa Barbara offers the first and only FDA approved Kybella

Kybella-Main PhotoKybella is an injectable for adults with moderate-to-severe fat below the chin, known as submental fat.  It is a chemical that is identical to one produced within our own bodies that helps us absorb fat.  When Kybella is properly injected into the submental fat, it permanently destroys fat cells.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Kybella (deoxycholic acid) for submental use on April 29, 2015.

Why Choose Kybella? –As you get older your skin loses elasticity and fat collects under the chin.  Aside from Kybella, other options are liposuction or a surgical neck lift.  If fat is your only issue when it comes to your double chin and you do not want to undergo surgery, Kybella might be for you. It is a fraction of the cost of a neck lift, does not require surgery and takes much less time for the procedure and recovery.

What Are the Risks of Using Kybella? –Risks associated with the use of Kybella must be taken into consideration as one would consider the risk involved with any product or procedure.   Reduce risk by always seeking a professional who is licensed, experienced and certified.

Common Side Effects of Using Kybella-Swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and lumpy areas in the treatment region.  These are considered expected side expects. These side effects are also expected to be temporary.  More severe side effects could include nerve injury in the jaw that can result in trouble swallowing, an uneven smile, or facial muscle weakness, which are also temporary.

The Procedure-You may use a topical numbing agent like the kind that is used with injectables like Botox and fillers. Depending on how severe the submental fat is and how your body responds, you may undergo typically 2-4 treatments ­­­about six weeks apart to achieve the desired results. Each treatment is a series of injections in the treated area.  Typically, this is going to be somewhere around 20-30 injections with each treatment for a female.  Men have larger areas and may require a bit more.  Most patients report a mild to moderate burning sensation that subsides within 5-10 minutes.

 Cost of Kybella? -Treatment costs will vary depending on where you live, how many procedures you require, and who performs the procedure.  For instance, Los Angeles may be higher than Houston and on par with New York.  If a MD performs the injections, you may pay more than if a nurse practitioner who specializes in injectables performs the procedure.  The important thing to evaluate is the experience the individual has working in injectables and how many times they have worked with Kybella.  You may undergo anywhere from one to six procedures, but typically 2-4.  Each time the procedure is performed, it costs about $1200-1500.  It will depend on the size of the area being treated.

Kybella is the first FDA approved and highly effective method of eliminating submental fat.  Doctor Griffin and the staff at The G Spa in Santa Barbara are pleased to add Kybella to our Medical Spa line-up in order to continue to provide state of the art services which benefit our patients, providing great results and minimally invasive procedures.

To kick off the new product we will be hosting a Special Kybella Event:

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Thursday July 14th, 2016
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Mineral Make-up: Magic Pixie Dust!

Mineral Make-up: Magic Pixie Dust!
Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Fall 2014
By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer

You know how fairies and celebrities have that other-worldly glow about them?  As if Tinkerbell herself has showered them from the heavens with a star cluster of her magical pixie dust?  Well, that’s exactly what mineral make-up is like, fairy dust!  It may not make you fly, but your skin will have an ethereal luminescence like the goddess moon herself!  The J-Lo glow is largely due to the tiny bits of gleaming minerals that glisten under the starlight and gleam in the sunlight. The secret is in the micronized, light reflective minerals that shine with a radiance all their own.

Mineral make-up is nothing new, but it’s quality has become better and better over the years.  What has consistently attracted people to mineral make-up is that the formulas contain no harsh chemicals, no dyes, no talc, no alcohol, no mineral oil and no fragrance.  This pure mineral formula is rich with zinc, titanium, peptides, antioxidants and sun protection.  The benefits of this type of formula is that it doesn’t clog pores, cause breakouts or allergic reactions nor exacerbate existing skin concerns.  As a plus, many brands are totally earth conscious!  They’re vegan, paraben-free and cruelty free (no animal testing).

You might think you would have to sacrifice something, like style, for all these amazing benefits, but thankfully that’s not the case.  Mineral make-up comes in colorful palettes in all the latest shades and colors, so it’s not function over form.  The form is luxurious, healthy and stylish!  All of the make-up tools are represented from slick primers and gorgeous foundations to shimmery eye shadows and shiny happy lip colors.

Jill Valestrino, the lead esthetician at The G Spa here in Santa Barbara loves the Colorescience line she uses with her clients and remarks, “We are so excited to now be carrying the Color Science line. It has proven to not only be a leading mineral makeup but a skin care line as well, gentle enough to use post procedure. Our clients love the convenience of the dual brush/sunscreen as a go-to product, easy to keep in your purse and re-apply throughout the day”.

So make your entrance like the glitterati!  Scintillate and illuminate the vast expanse with your secret potion, the pixie dust from the woodland sprites themselves!

Qsymia – Medical Weight Loss Miracle!

Qsymia – Medical Weight Loss Miracle

Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Summer 2014
By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer

young beautiful woman

Obesity is no laughing matter. In the United States, obesity rates have doubled since the 1970’s (National Center for Health Statistics, 2009). And presently more than two thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese. This extends to our children as well. About a quarter of 2-5 year olds and one-third of school-age children (including adolescents) are overweight or obese. The obesity epidemic lends itself to other, far more dangerous diseases including diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. This is costly, as obesity accounts for one out of every ten deaths in America and drains our society of $223 billion per year in medical expenses.
Luckily, there is a solution: A Medical Weight Loss Program that involves the latest FDA approved drug for weight loss, called Qsymia (pronounced cue-SIM-ee-uh), approved in July of 2012. It’s been over thirteen years since the last time a weight loss drug was approved (with the exception of Belviq which was approved within thirty days of Qsymia). With the obesity epidemic reaching staggering proportions, the nation was waiting with bated breath for a new FDA approved solution to this enormous problem.

It’s been almost two years since Qsymia was approved by the FDA, so how is it doing? Clinical studies have shown that patients taking Qsymia have achieved significant results, far superior to that of any other prescriptive treatment. The added benefits of a Medical Weight Loss Program using Qsymia are that a physician supervises the program, regular weigh-ins occur to track progress, the patient directly receives medically supervised support and the best benefit of all: trackable, measurable results. Off with the old, on with the new!

Dr. Kathleen Griffin, Medical Director of The G Spa shares, “In the 10 years that I have been using Qsymia or its generic equivalent, I never cease to be amazed at how well it can work.  For some patients it is nothing short of a minor miracle. Patients are able to ‘leave food on their plates’, who once had to have 2-3 helpings in order to feel full.  Obsessing about food often ceases. Craving for carbohydrates stops and desire for protein begins; all with two pills that together lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar. Of course, there are some patients who cannot tolerate this combination, but for those who can, it is often a wonder drug.”

While a Medical Weight Loss Program may not be for everyone, it does provide a safe, supported and structured way to lose weight that has a little extra oomph to help those that may need a boost in their powers of self-control.  And with all the added sugar to over 80% of the 600,000 food items we have here in America (see Katie Couric’s new Documentary, “Fed Up”), it appears that we may be thankful for a little extra help. Long live, Qsymia!

Cosmetic Laser – A Magic Wand

Cosmetic Laser – A Magic Wand

Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Spring 2014
By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer


As the Aesthetic Industry grows exponentially in it’s sophisticated sorcery, Cosmetic Laser is taking the lead as the most promising and most advanced of all treatment options available.  By now you’ve heard whisperings in the news regarding all the multi-faceted uses for lasers such as advanced weaponry in our military and scientific applications such as nuclear fusion, but lasers have a powerful capacity to heal and restore as well as destroy.  Lasers are used for eye surgery and general surgery, restoring hair loss, tooth whitening, and our focus here, aesthetic applications.

Laser has come a long way since it’s invention in 1958 and the advancements and implications for cosmetic uses are staggering.  Take three of the top-of-the-line lasers, for instance, available now by Cynosure, the Precision TX, the RevLite SI and the Elite MPX.  Between these three systems, you can even your skin tone and correct your complexion with the Yag laser or IPL, remove your tattoos, tighten your skin, remove brown spots and remove body hair from, well, anywhere. You can also do a LazerLift neck lift purely with lasers, no scalpels, with no scarring and minimal downtime!  With one fell swoop, one can “wave the magic wand” with laser and see a tremendous improvement and result with an almost photoshop effect.  The wizards of aesthetic wonder have worked diligently to provide us with state-of-the-art solutions to our aesthetic challenges in a safe, quick, easy and virtually painless way.

Dr. Griffin, Medical Director of The G Spa, Santa Barbara, uses all three of these Cynosure lasers in her practice and notes, “We have been admirably impressed with the results, speed and versatility of these three lasers.  While I acquired the Revlite SI principally for tattoo removal, we have found it to do a remarkable job at skin rejuvenation and tightening, an effect we were not expecting!”

As a child, watching the sci-fi black and white movies on Saturday morning, such as “War of the World’s”, it seemed incredulous to me in my child’s mind to fathom that lasers would actually become such an integral part of our everyday life with so many uses ranging from medical to military to scientific to commercial.   But it’s true!  The future has firmly arrived and just in time (for me at least!).  We can be thankful for the multiplicity of ways that lasers serve us all and as far as beauty is concerned, Cosmetic Laser truly is the magic wand.

Pinpoint Smooth…

Pinpoint Smooth…

Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Winter 2013
By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer


There’s a new kid on the block in the ever-changing landscape of aesthetics and it’s name is Micro-needling. Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), this innovative new procedure is making the rounds among the rich and famous in Hollywood (shout-out to Kim K!) and has since settled on our doorstep right here in Santa Barbara.

Needling the skin is actually an old technology that goes back to ancient times, but what makes it modernistic is that the depth of penetration of the needles is adjustable and the micro-needling pen is automated. The idea is that by inserting tiny needles into the skin, it will cause micro-trauma to the dermis, booting collagen production that can literally “pinpoint” and smooth away wrinkles, acne, stretch marks and scars all the while improving the skin’s color, tone and texture. The micro-pen works in tandem as a delivery system for a number of different topical solutions used in the treatment, the most popular being Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Hyaluronic Acid is ideal for tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function. Platelet Rich Plasma in conjunction with micro-needling is better known as “The Vampire Facial”, in which a sample of your own blood is drawn, spun in a centrifuge, the PRP separated and delivered back into your skin via the micro-pen. This stimulates the rebuilding of the underlying structural integrity of your skin because the internal essence of the blood inside you contains life-giving fundamental growth factors that are designed to restore and repair your skin.

To provide maximum comfort, a topical numbing cream is used before the procedure and the micropen, which is comprised of a sterile needle tip containing twelve tiny microneedles, is gently pressed against the skin while simultaneously gliding in one direction until the entire treatment area has been covered.  Treatment areas are not limited to the face; micro-needling can be used on all parts of the body, with a recommendation of 2 – 3 treatments required, spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart.  Another bonus is that it’s also affordable.  Dr. Griffin, Medical Director of The G Spa notes, “I love recommending automated micro-needling for patients as a medium-priced procedure that produces a great result with minimal down-time.”  This au courant  procedure is all the rage among the glitterati and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.  The fact that the results are amazing will definitely keep the trend alive.

Bye Bye Father Time!

Bye Bye Father Time

Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Fall 2013
By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer

face of woman and orchid

If you could safely, easily and inexpensively turn back the hands of time, would you do it? Well, one of the hottest new aesthetic procedures on the market is the LazerLift ™ and turning back Father Time is precisely what it does. Safely. Easily. Inexpensively. This cutting edge procedure is laser face and neck lift technology at it’s finest; a minimally invasive solution to aging that is as smooth and streamlined as a sleek, black Aston Martin.

Gone are the days of scalpels, stitches, scars and massive amounts of “down time”.
The traditional facelift has gone the way of the dinosaur because, really, who wants to deal with the risk, high costs and long recovery, not to mention the bruising and swelling? Especially when one can achieve a similar result with revolutionary laser technology? 

Advanced laser technology is more powerful than ever, and has the capability to nip and tuck, no sutures required, no scars to bear. Wow! How far we’ve has come! The magic of this procedure is that it tightens and lifts the lower face, smooths wrinkles and restores the youthful curve to the neck. That means no more turkey neck! No more jowls! No more sagging jawlines! Your sleek, smooth jawline is restored, with improvement of the wrinkles and fine lines. An added benefit is that LazerLift ™ will continue to lift and tighten skin, long after the procedure is over by stimulating the ongoing formation of collagen. 

Dr. Kathleen Griffin, Medical Director of The G Spa Medical Spa notes, “LazerLift ™ is one of the most gratifying surgeries that I have learned to master since medical school. The results are phenomenal, beginning on day one and increasing over the course of a year. The fact that it is done with almost no pain during or after only adds to the remarkable nature of this procedure.”

Going under the knife can be a daunting, risky and expensive venture, especially when you consider general aesthesia, hospital stays and extended recovery times. It’s really a no-brainer to choose the safety, ease and economics of laser technology in this brilliant and magnificent world of science that is ever changing and exponentially growing with rapid ascendancy.

The Elixir of Well-Being

The Elixir of Well-Being

Food & Home Magazine – Santa Barbara – Summer 2013
By Cynthia Grancourt – Freelance Health & Beauty Writer


Nothing feels quite so decadently luxurious as a facial. That’s just how it is. If you’ve ever had one, you know exactly what I mean. Maybe it’s the cleansing, which feels so different when a professional is washing your face and gently massaging it. Maybe it’s the Clarisonic cleansing, the vibrating brush gliding gently over your skin. Maybe it’s feeling of the steam blowing ever so gently on your face, which makes you feel as if you are suspended in time. Perhaps it’s the microdermabrasion, which polishes your skin as soft and smooth as a shiny new stone. It might be the Venus Freeze, which feels like a warm stone massage relaxing you even deeper. Or the cool mask afterward, soothing your skin and causing you to feel alive and radiant. Whatever it is, whether one of these things, or a combination of all of the above, one thing is for certain, it is luxury incarnate.

There is so much variety in choosing a facial, too. Some of the components in a facial remain the same; most facials have an initial cleansing, a steam, extractions and a cleansing at the end, but it’s the juicy caramel center of the facial that is creatively changeable and malleable. The center of the facial can be filled with a 24K gold mask, a caviar mask, a cranberry mask or a collagen seaweed mask. It can be filled with an illuminating peel or a radiofrequency device, such as the Venus Freeze. These choices are what make the monthly facial fresh and alive with possibilities.

Not to mention all of the wonderful benefits there are when you make a facial a regular part of your skin care regimen.  As Dr. Kathleen Griffin of The G Spa says, “A monthly facial is not only the foundation for maintaining good skin care, but can also be remarkably therapeutic for overall wellness.  I highly recommend it on a regular basis!”  From deep cleansing to gently coaxing pores open for extractions, to gentle massage and skin tightening masks, facials are the elixir of well-being for that most gazed upon center of attraction, your beautiful, fresh face.